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"Nothing beats being able to work full time from home so I can be with my son!"

As a single mom I was committed to staying home with my son instead of putting him in after care programs. Young Living and the Marketing Scents Success System allowed me the freedom to work around my son's schedule so I could care for him when he was ill, on a school break, and attend all the school events I otherwise would miss with a corporate job.

The Young Living therapeutic grade Essential Oils have allowed me to address our health issues without doctors & medications saving us time & money. I love the Young Living Kids Scents and personal care products. I feel good knowing that he uses toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion etc. that are not only free of harmful ingredients but include the healthy benefits of the therapeutic grade Essential Oils.

The Young Living Supplements are fortified with the therapeutic grade Essential Oils as well and provide me the added energy & stamina to juggle being a single mom and a career!

Finally, I could never have made it as far in my business as I have without the Marketing Scents Success System. It allows me to work smart not hard. All I have to do is enter my client's information into the Marketing Scents contact base and all the training and follow up is done automatically. It contains all the systems in one package that anyone would need to create a very successful home based business and lucrative income.